Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ah shit, and so it begins...

*Sigh*.....I am finally biting the bullet and starting a blog. If only for the sake of my husband, because I am sure he is sick to death of me bitching to him about random shit he probably doesn't give a damn about (but smiles and nods, because he knows that if he doesn't he won't be getting any later).

I shit you not, this is a typical evening in our household:

So, for the sake of my husband, I will now rant here, instead of to him at 10pm while he's trying to block my voice out with his pillow.

So....let's see. I'm creeping towards my late twenties. I'm coming to the startling conclusion that, that dark pink spot near my belly button isn't a mole but rather my nipple (thank you pregnancy and nursing). I also have a tendency to be "that" mom in the mall when my daughter decides that she wants something and must have it NOW!! (and by THAT mom I mean the mom pulling along a screaming toddler, seemingly oblivious to the fact that her child's voice has reached such an ear-splitting level that dogs 4 blocks older are hiding under their porch- yeah, that's me, nice to meet you).

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